Long Story Short...

Rural Route Tour Company offers guests the opportunity to connect to the places they visit in a more meaningful way with hands-on rural tours and experiences across Ontario’s Central Counties. Located just north of Toronto, this region is filled with small-batch beer, wine, cider, and mead producers, farm-to-fork culinary and agricultural experiences, historic sites, art galleries, Canadian culture, stories, and lore.

Rural Route’s one-of-a-kind day trips take guests off the beaten path; away from the everyday urban hustle and traditional tourist destinations.s

Meet Tamara

Owner, Experience Developer & Tourism Consultant

Tamara is the ever-enthusiastic and passionate owner-operator of Rural Route Tour Company. Born and raised on a tobacco farm in Southwestern Ontario, she now calls Toronto home. It’s here that Tamara spent the past 20 years working in public relations and communications with many of those years focusing on luxury hospitality, as well as the promotion and development of rural tourism.

Throughout those years, an idea began to grow – the idea of creating an elevated rural experience that would bring together the thoughtfulness of luxury service and the warmth of country hospitality she grew up with. The result was Rural Route Tour Company, and its unwavering goal to surprise and delight each guest with exceptional hospitality in unexpected places.

Tamara is an avid traveller, seeker of hidden gems, lover of fine chocolate, sunny days…and tap dancing.